The story of Ron Vlaar

Ron Vlaar

To reach the top, Ron Vlaar had to overcome many obstacles. In both 2008 and 2009, Vlaar had to undergo a cruciate operation after a serious knee injury. Since then, Vlaar has been constantly maintaining his body. According to many, the highlight of his career is the 2014 World Cup when he made star player Lionel Messi invisible in the semi-final

Ron Vlaar is a living proof of the saying that talent is not everything when you don’t work hard. “It is your duty, wherever you are, to show who you really are and how good you are.” Ron is always busy with preparing his body and recovery. “People often have no idea what is involved. Being a footballer is really a full-time job ”. Even at home Ron is busy recovering in special “compression pants”, which ensures better blood circulation in the legs. Every day he is checking his muscles, does he feel pains somewhere, does he feel stiff? Everything must be right to achieve the best possible result.

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