The story of Myrthe Schoot

23 Jun 2020 | Blog en

As long as she continues the tough top sports program and continues to enjoy the game, Myrthe Schoot continues her impressive career. The World Cup in her own country in 2022 should be the highlight of her career. Her whole life has been dominated by the top sports regime. Training and competitions at both her club and the Dutch National team take precedence over everything. That is simply the culture.

Myrthe @ FlexPower 7

Now that Myrthe has been at the top for many years, she realizes that other things are important besides volleyball. Of course, existence as a top athlete gives her a lot and she does not complain about her life. Only the downside often remains out of the picture. “Birthdays, weddings and parties are also celebrated without me. For non-top athletes it is often difficult to accept that you cannot always be there. ”

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