The story of Juul Franssen

Het verhaal van Juul Franssen

From an early age, Juul has learned that if you want to achieve anything in life, you have to be willing to work hard for it. With that wisdom, Juul has made it. In 2010 Juul had her big break with the seniors with a 5th place at the World Cup. Her career was on the rise until the Dutch Judo Federation put her out of the selection, because she did not want to train full-time in Papendal Training Center.

After a protracted conflict with the Dutch Judo Federation, of more than 13 months, Juul was finally successful. “In November 2017, at my return on the tatami I immediately won the gold medal, but the highlight came 10 months later, when I won bronze at the World Cup in 2018.” Of course the next goal for Juul is an Olympic medal.

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