The story of Dennis Toppin

Dennis Toppin his story

Dennis Toppin seems to have fallen into a barrel of energy drink as a little kid. With all his energy Dennis Toppin is a real sport beast. If he is not able to exercise daily, then he becomes a sad little man. As a personal trainer it is therefore his goal to let people go faster and train better than they think they can. Let people perform optimally in sports is therefore suitable for Dennis as a person.

“The most extreme thing I’ve ever done to get someone to train with me is to literally pick them up at home and take them to the gym. Train together and then go home together. ” As a born Ghanaian, Dennis knows very well that nothing comes easy and that he got more luck than most people in Ghana. That’s why he founded his own foundation to give something back to his native country. “If you can do something for someone else, that’s the best thing and feeling there is.”

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