- 225 ml

Flexpower sports cream helps you recover after a heavy workout. You will not only benefit from this today, but also tomorrow. So you will be ready for your next training.

How do we that? By improving circulation with penetrating heat, only where you need it. Less waste products, less muscle pain.

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Through its unique technology, FlexPower sports cream ensures optimal penetrating heat. This will help you get more out of your sporting performance and accelerate the recovery power of your body. Because your muscles are heated blood circulation improves.

Perfect to use before and after exercise

Relieve your muscle pain

Doesn’t stick to your clothes

Neutral refreshing scent


What is FlexPower sports cream?
FlexPower is a sports cream that supports your muscles during exercise and recovery within 10 minutes through penetrating heat.
How much FlexPower sports cream should I use?
That depends on the surface where you want to use FlexPower. Your thighs are, of course, bigger than your neck. On average, we recommend 2 full fingertips. If this does not give the desired effect after 15 to 20 minutes, then use some more FlexPower sports cream.
When can I use sports cream?
Use FlexPower for exercise for extra flexible and warm muscles. FlexPower can also be used after exercise to recover quickly and well. You should use FlexPower again after showering for recovery.
How long does FlexPower sports cream work?
Relief of sore muscles and stiffness varies from person to person, but FlexPower sports cream typically provides 1.5 to 2.5 hours of relief.

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