Muscle pain: how do I prevent it

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Do you suffer from muscle pain after exercise? Then maybe it’s time to avoid muscle pain. There are some simple things you can do to prevent muscle pain before exercise. Of course, due to a heavy training or bad posture you can still get muscle pain, it’s not always avoidable. If you do the following tips right, it saves half of that. Prevention is better than cure!

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One of the most important things to do to prevent muscle pain is a good warm-up. A good warm-up ensures that your muscles warm up calmly and your heart rate goes up. You prepare your body for what’s to come during the game or training. The blood flow of your muscles is stimulated by a good warm-up and this reduces the risk of muscle pain. Want to know more about a good warm-up?

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After exercise, many people go straight to shower and go home. Do you recognize yourself in this? If so, start after exercise with a Cooling-down. This gradually brings your body back into a state of calm and this is good for the muscles. Stretching and stretching exercises or walking out at a leisurely pace are examples of a good Cooling-down.

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Have you just started exercising? Then don’t go straight to do the toughest workouts. As a runner, you don’t start the marathon right away. Build up the training sessions quietly, preventing you from getting muscle pain and reducing the risk of injuries. It’s so handy, if you’re just starting out with sports.

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Blood flow of your muscles is an important factor in preventing and recovering muscle pain. This makes it important to take care of your muscles both before and after exercise. Friction, heat or massage stimulates blood flow of the muscles, which reduces the burden of muscle pain.

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