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About us

More than just a motto

“Get Moving. Stay Moving” is more than a motto. We originated from movement. From a vision to let everyone live healthy through active body care during sports.

Why Flexpower Europe was founded

The story behind the brand

Francisco Elson, NBA champion (2007), has played sports at a high level all his life. To maintain this, body care is of great importance. Being active is great for your mind and has a lot of positive influence on your health.

In 2016 we started Flexpower Europe. A fresh, healthy and accessible care brand for everyone who wants to be active. Join our mission to enable people to take care of the body in a healthy, sustainable and good way, so that everyone can be active.
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Get moving.

All our products are made to get people moving. We consciously choose healthy ingredients, fresh scents and active effects that take care of your body.
In addition, movement gives energy. We want to share this energy with everyone, so we keep each other fit. That is why we have opted for a collaboration with Cycloon Bicycle Couriers. Simple, cost-effective ways to be active and sustainable too.

Be fearless

With our small enthusiastic team we are constantly developing Flexpower and new products. We do this by being innovative. A startup has more questions than answers. Together we will look for ways to enable people to live a more active and healthier life through the right body care.

That does not come from our comfort zone. We pioneer. challenge us. We gladly accept the challenge.

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Honesty is everything

We really want to make an impact with Flexpower. Being active. Being on the move. It may no longer be obvious because of our lifestyle, but it should become so for a healthier world. We believe in the power of the body.

Moving costs energy, but it gives back so much energy and health. That is why we want to make Flexpower accessible to everyone, with honest ingredients, vegan and as sustainable as possible. All our products are kind to animals and your body.

Your tips and tricks to get moving, ideas for new products and packaging are therefore always welcome. Welcome to #TeamFlexpower

Will you join our team?

Join our mission

At Flexpower we are always looking for talented people who can strengthen our team. We take pride in our work and what we do, and we couldn’t be successful without our team. Do you support our mission and values? Then join Flexpower!

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