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Pijnverlichtend sportcrème FlexPower

Francisco Elson

Francisco Elson, NBA champion in 2007, was already looking for ways to perform at top level for as long as possible. After an injury to his knee, a friend of Francisco recommended FlexPower sports cream. Francisco saw the need for a quick, safe solution to help athletes prepare their tired bodies for competitions and also provide powerful pain relief when they needed it. FlexPower sports cream worked and resulted in the dream to launch FlexPower worldwide. In 2016, Francisco Elson returned to the Netherlands, his home country, to launch FlexPower in Europe. FlexPower has already helped many people with a sporty lifestyle in their performance and recovery. FlexPower sports cream is used by athletes in the Eredivisie, Premier League and Olympians.

Driven, we take care of athletes

Today, FlexPower is embraced by users of all ages and lifestyles. It’s a solution for anyone who leads an active life – a tool to help you achieve a goal in your power, so that you can perform at your best, wherever life leads you, no matter how old you are. Because no one wants to feel old while exercising. Thousands of people have already experienced the benefits of FlexPower – now it’s your turn. Welcome to FlexPower. FlexPower enables people to perform optimally and recover faster. Our mission is to contribute to your sporting ambitions and achievements by producing the best muscle care in the world. This sports cream provides your body with direct relieve and care. With our team, we continue to look for the best ingredients and continue to produce products that help you perform at your best.