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Become an affiliate partner?

Do you support the mission of FlexPower and do you want to know what FlexPower stands for? Then let’s work together. Join our affiliate program and get your own link in minutes to earn extra for sharing our products with friends, family and followers. If someone subsequently buys FlexPower via your link, you will receive a commission of at least 10%. Pretty easily earned. Pretty awesome.

We are happy to tell you how it works and what the benefits are:

  1.  Competitive reimbursements of at least 10%
  2.  Access to our promotional material
  3.  Promote our products
  4.  Earn easy money

If you are not yet affiliated with our affiliate program, you can do so completely free of charge via the button below:

How does it work?

At FlexPower we believe in taking care of muscles and providing good service. This includes a strong partner program, in which we would like to enter into a long-term relationship with our partners.

  1. You promote FlexPower on your website, blog and/or Social Media account
  2. Visitor clicks through to
  3. Place an order with FlexPower
  4. Order is registered real-time in TradeTracker
  5. TradeTracker then pays out the commission.


Heeft u vragen over ons partnerprogramma of mis je promotiemateriaal? Neem dan contact met ons op.