Flexible muscles

Faster recovery

The sports cream for go-getters, goalgetters and winners

Do you get the most out of your training?

Every athlete has its limits. We are here to help you.

No more painful muscles during exercise
Muscle pain no longer stops you from exercising more often
You want to recover faster and want less chance of injuries
Gradual heat keeps you
muscles warm up to 2 hours
A fresh neutral scent
no smelly menthol
Penetrates quickly into the skin
also after a hot shower
Don't stick to your clothes
or sporting tape

A package just for you

Do you discover FlexPower for the first time? Or are you already a fan? If you exercise once a week you can go for a recreational package. We recommend that you use FlexPower sports cream on your muscles before and after exercising for the best performance and optimal recovery. If you exercise intensively, 3 times a week, we recommend you to buy the intensive package.



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3 tubes

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How does FlexPower work?

An effective sports cream that is made up of different ingredients, with an effect that we are proud of. The secret? We like to be honest about this: FlexPower’s ingredients are encapsulated within a liposomal membrane and carried beneath the skin to soft tissue and joint areas for results that are more than superficial. The best performance-tested ingredients means faster, deeper relief where you need it most.

Your sports revolution at your fingertips

Follow the example of professional athletes. FlexPower is the sports cream that bridges the gap between product for top athletes and anyone who dares to get the best out of themselves.
With FlexPower I take care of my muscles
– Ron Vlaar

What other athletes say

74 customers rate us with a 9.1/10
Dennis Toppin

Dennis Toppin

Les Mills Trainer If I completely break down during a training, I use FlexPower. It relieves the feeling of acidification in my muscles.
Myrthe Schoot about FlexPower

Myrthe Schoot

Volleybal player My body is my tool, my weapon, so it is important to take good care of it. FlexPower supports me in this.
Ron Vlaar about FlexPower

Ron Vlaar

Football player I use FlexPower especially for training to get warm. It’s nice that it only works when you start training.

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